10 Best Scholarship websites for international students in 2022

10 Best Scholarship websites, As an international student, this article will help you with the best websites to find scholarships in 2022. In this article, We will explore the 10 top scholarship websites and portals you can visit as an international student. We will be sure to find opportunities that match your qualifications and other specifications without risking fraud or wasting your time. These are the best scholarship websites 2022 for international students.

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

Additionally, you will have simple access to scholarship opportunities to pursue your academics and build your dream future on each website and portal.

Thousands of scholarship or grant offers to pay for your college education in no time abound on the internet; you just need the right websites where you can find them. Using these well-researched sites, you start your search for scholarships in any part of the world.

The website features trustworthy scholarships for international students in developed and developing nations worldwide.

What You Should Know About Scholarship Websites and Portals.

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites for international students

A website that has been specifically created to provide information about scholarships, fellowships, awards, and competition opportunities is known as a scholarship portal.

This website, which was uniquely built, informs a certain audience about the scholarship, fellowship, grant, and competition opportunities. The search engines, knowledge base, and other components of the information provided on these sites are tailored toward making sure that you find the scholarships right for you.

Why you need to know the best scholarship websites

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Scholarship information from school, organization, government, business, and institution portals are compiled and made available on these websites. With these websites, you will find scholarship updates and track your desired scholarship. You will also have the opportunity to search for all local and international scholarships from any country in the world.

Top 10 websites to find international scholarships in 2022

These are the best scholarship websites 2022 for international students. Below is the list of the 10 best scholarship websites for international students in 2022 you can visit.

1. Scholarship X

Here is one of the best scholarship websites that we can recommend to anyone looking for scholarship information. They share the accurate and latest scholarship information. Likewise, they disclose the scholarship opportunities available worldwide from any institution and country.

You will also be offered a guide on how to be successful in your scholarship journey. That’s not all; you will also get quality information and visa tracking to go to your school after you get your scholarship.

Visit www.xscholarship.com anytime for any information you need on scholarship programs around the world.

2. Fast web

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

This scholarship network has been in existence for 16 years and provides access to over 1.5 million scholarships totaling $3.4 billion in student grants over the years. The site has provided many financial supports to students to fund their college tuition.

Registering on Fastweb is free and simple and requires scholarship hunters to choose specific rules for the type of scholarships they want, such as scholarship value and type, and deadline.

Likewise, the website provides various links to scholarship application pages. It is the right destination for those who are looking for a fully-funded scholarship. The site will match you with various scholarships based on your academic performance, interests, and skills.

Visit Fastweb.com today and find a quick scholarship link!

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3. Unigo

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

One of the greatest scholarship portals and websites is Unigo. They have a solid foundation that provides more than just scholarship possibilities. They are committed to offering data on employment prospects, internships, college rankings, and much more.

More scholarships are available on the website, totaling approximately $14 billion. To give you the best chance, Unigo delivers customized outcomes.

You can get personalized information about your career, studies, and other scholarship options from Unigo, which includes a comprehensive list of scholarships, honors, and grants.

Learn more about scholarship awards for different areas of interest by visiting UNIGO right away.

4. Chegg

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

Chegg, originally Zinch.com, is a custom scholarship website that has quickly expanded as a result of the simplicity of its scholarship search capabilities. The website is user-friendly and provides more than 5,000 scholarships valued at more than $1 billion.

Chegg makes sure that the initial platform users are properly registered. You can carefully look for scholarships after enrolling that are generally appropriate to your field of interest and your end aim, taking into account your age and educational background.

Chegg offers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study as well as for vocational training and schools. This website freely provides a $1,000 scholarship each month.

To start your search for the scholarship award, go to Chegg.

5. Cappex

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

Cappex is an outstanding scholarship website that offers a free service and lots of scholarships worth over $11 billion in scholarships. The registration process can be a bit complicated, but it’s worth it once you’ve signed up.

However, the application process is all about providing tailored scholarship opportunities that suit you best. Strive to complete all the required steps as much as possible. It is important to note that the more information you provide about your study plan, the better your scholarship results will be.

This site also provides the “What are my chances” tool, which assesses your chances of getting into specific schools before applying. They additionally offer a college comparison tool that allows you to include individual ratings and rankings.

For more information: visit Cappex.com.
5. Scholars4dev

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

Without a doubt, Scholars4dev is a helpful and simple-to-use website for overseas students looking for scholarships. You can find out the exact number of scholarships that are still open in your field of study thanks to the numerous search options and categories.

You should also have a look at their scholarship listings because they provide in-depth analyses of scholarships that are particular to a given nation, the field of study, and the amount. Scholars4dev ought to be your first destination if you want a clearly organized list of scholarships that you can rapidly apply to.

To apply for any overseas scholarship of your choice, go to scholars4dev.com.

6. Government of Canada

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

As a Canadian student, you can trust the Canadian government to look out for your interests. The Canadian government has an official website that provides a wealth of information as well as its rules in an easily readable format.

But, it does not offer the same level of usability when compared to other websites. Many scholarships that are specifically accessible to Canadian students can be found on their website with a little amount of searching.

Find foreign scholarships right now by going to Scholarships-bourses.gc.ca.

7. American Scholarships

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

The exceptional feature of americanscholarships.com is that you can create a user profile with all the information required to identify the scholarship matches that best suit your preference. Future time savings from this are enormous.

First, only scholarships that you can apply for are displayed to you; no time is wasted by examining each scholarship’s conditions. Additionally, since it is a profile, you will never have to enter all of that information again. Filling out forms requires time that could be spent looking for scholarships.

For the latest scholarship update, https://scholarshipamerica.org/ is one of the recommended go-to websites.

8. Scholarship Monkey

10 Best Scholarship websites
10 Best Scholarship websites

ScholarshipMonkey.com is also one of the best scholarship portals and websites, which is a free scholarship search database readily available to compare different scholarships offered and their relevance to your study plan and your area of ​​interest.

ScholarshipMonkey.com is completely free and just needs time to register to become a member. The website claims to have helped over a million students discover opportunities and scholarships to help them pursue and fund their college education.

ScholarshipMonkey.com has over 4,000 scholarship sources registered in its database, with many scholarships offers worth over $3 million when it was first launched.

For more information on the portal, check out ScholarshipMonkey.com and apply.

9. Study Abroad

best student websites
best student websites

This website is a great resource for information about scholarships as well as for anyone considering studying abroad. The top scholarships from different websites are gathered by StudyAbroad.com and presented in a clear style.

If you need a website or portal you can trust for the latest and correct scholarship updates, we recommend studyabroad.com

10. Financial aid

best student websites
best student websites

This website is one of the best-known scholarship portals to get more information about scholarships and financial aid in addition to your previous area of ​​interest. Although there is currently no live search to find various scholarships for which you are qualified or for which you might consider pursuing on your own.

On the website, it is likely to find additional guidance regarding the authenticity of the offered colleges and an ideal approach to ensure the validity of the application before submitting and applying your information.

Visit finaid.org and apply.


The best scholarship portals and websites in 2022 are platforms that give you easy access to scholarship opportunities in various locations around the world. This article provides a comprehensive list of scholarship portals and websites to help you in your quest to study abroad.

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