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Max Cleaner is a phone manager app and tool developed by iHandy. This app serves as a Password Keeper which protects the privacy of users and keeps their payments and passwords secure. It syncs the passwords of its users with iCloud and autofill them when required. The app enables people to lock their videos and photos for protecting them from snoopers.

In this app, you can record your private stories and share them with friends. Furthermore, in this app, people can categorize their photos by Live Photos, Selfies, and Screenshots. In addition to categorizing the photos, the users can also identify blurry and duplicate photos and clean them. With this app, you can identify spam calls and block unwanted calls.


  • Serves as Password Keeper
  • Autofill passwords
  • Lock the videos and photos
  • Record private stories
  • Categorize photos
  • Identify blurry and duplicate photos
  • Clean photos
  • Identify spam calls
  • Block the unwanted calls

Ultra Cleaner is a phone booster app and tool developed by Ultra Space. This app has all the features and functions using which you can enhance the performance of your phone. To enhance the performance of the phone, the app closes background apps with one touch. The app restores memory and frees up the space on your phone by analyzing cache, trash, and temp files. This app has a battery saver feature which it detects and turns off high-power consumption…

Bravo Cleaner

Bravo Cleaner is a phone cleaner and optimizer application that helps people remove unnecessary or junk files from their devices. Bravo Cleaner: Speed Booster is also a junk files cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, and photo clean. The app automatically scans your phone, clears your phone memory, app cache, APK files, and RAM, and frees up your phone’s storage space to boost performance and speed. Bravo Cleaner has a unique & magical function in that it releases RAM…

Phone Cleaner Cache Cleaner

Like Fast Cleaner – junk files and Bravo Cleaner, Phone Cleaner – Cache Cleaner releases your phone space and optimizes or boosts your phone performance through battery saver, super cleaner, and power clean. Phone Cleaner – Cache Clean, Android Booster Master provides multiple functionalities under one platform and a combination of fast RAM cleaner & booster, junk cleaner, cache cleaner, notification cleaner, and CPU cooler. Furthermore, you can clean cache files of various apps, cool down the processor’s temperature, and…

Fast Cleaner junk files

Is your android phone running heavily and draining the battery quicker? Fast Cleaner – junk files is a phone cleaner application that helps you optimize phone performance and gives you a better and more convenient user experience. You can get it done with just ONE tap by cleaning useless junk files from your android device to free up phone space. Furthermore, it automatically scans large files, and you can delete files, including junk files, App caches, App residual files, useless…

Cleaner clean the phone memory cache booster

Cleaner – clean the phone, memory, and cache & booster is a junk cleaning application that helps people to remove junk or unnecessary files from their phone and improve performance and speed through garbage removal. This app also comes with a convenient file manager, and you can connect your phone wirelessly with other devices to send and receive data. Furthermore, you can manage your phone storage, files & folders on an SD card and save files to Dropbox or Drive…

Fancy Cleaner Boost Cleaner

Fancy Cleaner – Boost, Cleaner is a phone cleaning app developed by Fancy Mobile Apps that comes with almost all-in-one tools containing anti-virus, phone cleaner, notification cleaner, and booster app. With the help of this app, you can remove the garbage, unused, or junk files from your device that slowdowns the processor and RAM or phone speed. It’s a fast phone cleaner and booster where you can boost your phone with just one tap and optimize storage deeply. It automatically…

Avast Security and Virus Cleaner

Avast Security and Virus Cleaner is one of the most renowned and well-reputed applications for tracking and removing viruses and keeping your phone clean, secure, and free from attacks. It monitors which types of apps you are using and sends you an alert when you download any spyware or ad-ware-infected apps. It automatically scans and instantly removes junk files, cached files, gallery thumbnails, installation files, and residual files to save space. There is a photo vault where you can protect…

Nova Cleaner Cleaner Master

Nova Cleaner – Cleaner, Master is a virus removal and memory booster application developed by SuperSpeed that enables you to clean cache and junk files to free storage space and boost up memory. It also has a unique feature that you can set time interval, and it will run in the background and automatically removes all junk files from your device. With this app, you can free up space, boost memory, or clean and boost your Social Networking Service (SNS)…

Dr.Web Light

Dr.Web Light is an anti-virus protection application developed by Doctor Web Ltd. that helps you to scan a complete system or specific files and folders to find out corrupted files and remove viruses from folders. Anti-virus Dr.Web Light has a neutralizes encryption ransomware that automatically detects malicious processes running and terminates them even device is locked. A unique Origins TracingTM technology continuously monitors or detects new or unknown malware or spyware. It automatically moves detected threats and viruses to quarantine…

AVG Security and Virus Cleaner

A similar app to Avast Security and Virus Cleaner is AVG Security and Virus Cleaner, developed by AVG  Mobile that protects your device from malicious or spyware viruses, keeps your data safe, and provides you a clean & convenient experience. You can scan the apps, games, settings, and files separately or boost performance by killing or stopping processes or apps that slow down your device speed. Furthermore, you can free up space by removing junk, cached, or unnecessary files from…

KeepClean Lite Cleaner Faster

Like Fast Cleaner – junk files, KeepClean Lite – Cleaner & Faster is also a phone cleaner and optimizer application developed by Apps Innova that automatically removes junk, cached, residual, advertising, or used files from the device. It consumes less power and provides a fast-speed experience, saves your battery power, and optimizes your battery in just a few taps. There is also an advanced saving mode that gives you a longer battery life upto 50% and helps you run more…

Memory Booster

Memory Booster is specifically designed to optimize RAM & Cache that helps you run your device fast and efficiently. This app comes with a sophisticated technology that automatically optimizes performance by killing low-priority tasks after every two hours. Furthermore, you can manually stop those tasks or processes you don’t want to run and boost a device once a day. Auto Boost runs in the background and automatically recovers memory after a few moments. Furthermore, it sends you notifications or alerts…

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