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Search Public Records with Fast People Search

In today’s digital age, finding information about individuals has become easier than ever. With just a few clicks, you can find out a lot about a person, from their contact information to their criminal history. Fast People Search is a website that allows you to search public records to find information about people.

It is merely known for its agility that performs a reverse phone lookup and probably the most exclusive directories of US public records for free. Its powerful searching capabilities bring authentic documents according to your needs. It keeps on updating its information, so you don’t have to search for fast people search alternatives free.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features of Fast People Search and provide tips on how to use the website effectively.

Fastpeoplesearch is an excellent platform that makes it easy and secure to search for people. It helps you perform a reverse phone lookup, address search, name, and other details over United States public records’ most secure and trusted directory. These are the 10 best fastpeoplesearch alternative.


  • Exclusive searching of records
  • Instant updates
  • Secure and fast searching
  • Complete database of people in the US

Using Fast People Search:

To use Fast People Search, simply go to the website and enter the name, phone number, or address of the person you are searching for. The website will then display a list of results that match your search criteria. You can refine your search by using additional filters, such as age or location.

One of the advantages of using Fast People Search is that it allows you to search for information across multiple sources. The website pulls data from various public records sources, including court records, property records, and social media profiles. This means that you can often find more information about a person than you would with a single source.

Tips for Using Fast People Search Effectively:

While Fast People Search is a useful tool for finding information about people, there are several tips you should keep in mind to use the website effectively.

  1. Use Multiple Search Criteria: When searching for a person, try using multiple search criteria, such as their name and address or their name and phone number. This can help you find more accurate and relevant results.
  2. Refine Your Search: Use the filters provided by Fast People Search to refine your search results. You can filter results by age, location, and other criteria to find the information you need.
  3. Verify Information: When you find information about a person on Fast People Search, it’s important to verify the accuracy of the information. Check the information against other sources, such as official government records or social media profiles.
  4. Be Aware of YMYL Topics: Keep in mind that the information you find on Fast People Search falls under the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category, which means that it can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Be careful when using this information and use it responsibly.
  5. Protect Your Privacy: When using Fast People Search, be aware of your own privacy. The website collects information about users, and it’s important to read the privacy policy and terms of service to understand how your data is collected and used.

Fastpeoplesearch Alternatives

fast people search
thatsthem.com alternative
  • Free

1. ThatsThem

ThatsThem Alternatives
thatsthem.com alternatives

That’sThem is a free people search engine that makes it easy to find addresses, emails, phones, and various other information in a way like never before is a best alternative of fast people search. That’s Them is a great reverse phone lookup site that brings a smart search box where you can enter the Name, address, IP, VIN, Email, and phone, then select the city, state, or ZIP, and enter the search button to get results.

It is a free people search engine that helps you find people how you know them. You can search people to get the latest, detailed, and most essential information about them including their personal details.

Thats Them site enables you to find who lives at an address or who is taking your apartment for rent using its free reverse address lookup and get precise homeowner information, estimated home value, reputation, mortgage data, and various other things.


  • Phone number lookup
  • Reverse email lookup
  • IP address Lookup
  • Vehicle search online
  • Reverse name lookup free
  • Reverse address lookup

2. Truth Finder

truth finder alternaties
fast people search alternatives

Truth Finder is a platform that enables users to uncover information on anyone. The platform allows the users to view background information of any kind on anyone. The platform comes with a list of directories such as Criminal records, Public Records, and many more. The platform offers a free people search, which allows users to view records of people without going to various courthouses just to track someone.

You can precisely get social media accounts, phone numbers, email addresses, work details, public appearances, and so much more without even paying for anything. This elegant platform helps you find multiple things about all your intended people. This platform is totally legal and brings concise instructions to its users about the legal usage of provided data. It doesn’t generate data from itself but grabs data from different site that makes it a best alternative of fast people search.

It provides the full name and aliases of the person about whom you want to search, his date of birth, phots, education, jobs, cell phone numbers, and much other personal information. Moreover, the platform enables users to search for information on Dark Web to see whether any users’ information is being compromised or not. It allows users to search Passport number, Social Security Number, credit/debit cards, and much more related information.

The Public Records of Truth Finder contains different records such as Arrest records, Property and Business ownership records, Education history, Weapon Permits, and many other similar records. The platform comes with a paid version only and also supports mobile platforms along with the web-based service, while customer support is provided seven days a week through email and phone during business hours.

3. Veromi

veromi alternatives
fast people search free

Veromi is a powerful search tool that connected with dozens of databases and billions of public records. It is a robust platform that delivers the same data sources that government and law enforcement agencies use. With the help of this platform, you can find background and connect details about anyone in its database. Veromi comes to deliver you the most accurate and detailed information about anyone at an affordable price.

The platform is designed for everyone, whether you are searching for a friend or verified the criminal history of the new partner that you have met online. It provides you with their contact details, complete background history, email address, and more.

The most exciting fact about this platform is that it has a team of experts available 24*7 to help you find and deliver the details that you want. Veromi offers multiple price plans; each plan offers different features and costs. Its most prominent feature includes reverse phone, background check, search features, public record, find contact numbers, and much more.

4. PeekYou

peek you alternatives
thatsthem.com alternatives

PeekYou makes it stunningly effortless, colleagues, and relatives across the web, whenever you want. A simple and sleek search engine site that helps you get people right at the center of the internet. It assists its user to discover girls or boys most relevant and important to your life.

It elegantly collects scattered content from social sites, homepages, news sources, and blog platforms to present comprehensive online identities. PeekYou – People Search Made Easy is a simple site with a new perspective to people’s search.

You can get data about your intended people from Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, mail, or various other social platforms.PeekYouis serving millions of folks from all over the world and contains over 10 million monthly searches.


  • Find family online
  • Find old classmates
  • Find contact information
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Get back in touch

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5. Whoeasy

Whoeasy alternatives
Fast People Search alternatives

Whoeasy makes it secure and sleek to look up a phone number and search a phone number to get to know the details whenever you want. Being an American, you’ll quickly get the information about the girls or the guy that you are looking for.

Whoeasy is a sleek site that contains an easy and quick search so that you can simply enter your intended search bar and click over the search button to get things done precisely.No matter its mobile phone number or landline we have information on every single valid phone number in the United States of America.

Don’t just waste your efforts and time looking through old phonebooks and contacts. Don’t guess whether it’s an ex-boyfriend, prank caller, classmate, scammer, wrong number, fraudster, or any others. It contains a leading and exclusive customer service where you can get sleek customer service and get answers to any questions you have.


  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Easy and quick searching
  • Leading customer service
  • It makes “Who Is It?” Easy

6. FindOutTheTruth

Findoutthetruth alternatives
Fast People Search Free

FindOutTheTruth is a leading platform that provides private investigator-assisted background checks, criminal records, employment, and due diligence background check among any other offering at the lowest price. It is an all-in-one solution for all your background check research team utilizes and combines the hand on experience of investigators with years of investigative and risk management experience coupled with significant collegiate and post-graduate course work.

An excellent platform that helps you check the criminal background of your desired people without making any efforts, going somewhere, or paying any money. If there is someone who seems a bit illicit and you want to investigate that person privately, then it’s the most authentic one for you.

The best thing about this platform is that it does not offer membership fees or subscriptions, pay per search without hassle. As compared to all the other similar platform is quite fast and powerful and provide billions for records around the world. It offers step-by-step directions guide on how to order an investigative background check through this powerful platform easily conveniently. FindOutTheTruth core feature includes the world’s largest database, find a criminal record, quickly find a record, continuously update, and much more.

You just have to paste the most linear data of the intended person over here and search it likewise. As per its name, the FindOutTheTruth site helps you find a criminal record as it is thethatsthem.com alternative free.

7. Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate alternatives

Instant Checkmate is a simple yet powerful platform that helps you find the truth about people around you. The platform displays real background report details with complete background data on almost anybody you know, run phone number lookups, and search arrest records. Instant Checkmate is designed for companies and businesses who want to hire innocent candidates and get complete applicants.

Suppose you want to view any criminal records, contact information, social posts, financial records, and so much more without paying for anything. You can not only get background checks but also get people searching in almost all aspects. It helps people discover more about who owns a phone number as well. Users can run a reverse phone lookup and discover more about almost any caller right from their mobile phone. The app features background checks, real arrests, and criminal records.

With the help of this app, you can get the necessary background record, criminal record, reverse phone lookup, email searches, and much more. It contains a record of more than 3 billion people around the world and also regularly updates with new names to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience. You can also be able to copy and share your search results directly with others that make it better than others.

To deliver a complete experience, Instant Checkmate is available to use on mobile platforms that allow you to find any time anywhere. The platform core feature includes background check dates, identify unknown callers on the go, avoid scams, find real ages and different price plans, etc.

8. Webmii

Webmii alternatives
Fast People Search Free

Webmii app makes it effortless to search for your desired people just by writing the first and the last name is the thatsthem.com alternative. Webmii – People Search Engine is an excellent platform that helps you discover public information about any people. Users can elegantly discover the visibility score of each people available on different platforms on the internet. Webmii helps you search for people from the contact book of your mobile phone and compare your visibility score with your buddies. You can also find any person’s information.

Webmiihelps you search for people from the contact book of your mobile phones and compare your visibility score with your buddies. You can also search for the people directly from your mobile phone’s home screen through its widget search. Webmii is only available oniOSdevices.


  • People search engine
  • Simplest searching for people’s records
  • Discover visibility score
  • Search records from your contact lists

9. Infotracer

Info Tracer Alternatives
Fast People Search Free

The Infotracer app brings criminal records, marriages and divorces, arrests, contact info, social accounts, photos, and so much more true in the palm of your hands. It’s an instant public record searching capability that helps you get to know all the essential data whenever you want. All you are said to do is to enter the first name, last name, city, and state and just click over the search button to get the results. Infotracer contains more than 1 million satisfied customers.

Infotracer is an online public record provider software program that enables you to find any information about the person of interest. You can find the specific phone number, contact information, gender, name, and much more. Infotracer will give you information about the assets of the individual you are searching like business, automobiles, aircraft, and boats. Also, you have additional information about investment and net income.

The software has easy use, and all you need to do is a simple search, and favorable results are available for you in a matter of no time. You can also find the criminal records in the report section with disposition details, police report details, probation information, and more. Infotracer is the right option to trace information about the person you are looking for with correct courts, marriage, and divorce records.

10. PeopleSmart

Poeple smart alternative
fast people search alternatives

PeopleSmart is a popular public records search engine that bridges that gap of the other search avenues and delivers a simple and accurate result. The platform comes with a simple interface and helps you reconnect lost friends or help businesses feel secure about people they trust.

It enables you to search for the right prospects for your business, no matter what you want. You can grow your business with contact data at a fraction of the cost. Leverage our data to reach the ultimate level of decision-making in less tie, at a fraction of the cost. It helps you search for leads in your target market and reach out to new data.

It designed by a team of experts and includes lots of new features and technologies that quickly find results around the world. As compared to all the other leading platforms, PeopleSmart is quite simple and provides straightforward and presented in user-friendly manners that make it better than others.

When you search, the platform pulls up all possible results so that it could make sure to find the correct person. PeopleSmart is available to use in two different versions, such as free and paid. In the paid version, you get vital information, a criminal record, and much more. It offers different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

11. CheckPeople

Check People alternative
fast people search alternatives

Find your intended email addresses, social media data, phone numbers, contact information, and so much more right under one platform. CheckPeople makes sleek searching with the first name, last name, city, and state, and click on the search button to get instant updates. If you are looking for the details of somebody that lives around you, this is the best platform for you to get things done. CheckPeople helps you get exclusive real-time information about yourself or someone else and it is thatsthem.com alternative free.

CheckPeople is an all-in-one people searching software that provides information like email addresses, phone numbers, social media data, contact information, etc. The software is easy to use, and with the simple undergoing procedure, you will come to know the information regarding the specific person you are searching for. You can get search results such as full name, sexual offender status, criminal records, traffic records, online dating accounts, marriage and divorce records, and more to add.

The platform also provides unlimited reports and searches, and for the first attempt, it is free to use, and after, you have to pay a small monthly subscription fee to have complete access to the service. CheckPeople will provide you with authentic information without any paperwork, and you can find anyone with the search tool for sure. You also have an option to reserve a phone number lookup by entering a cell or landline number of the person. You can find cyber footprints, including blogs, pictures, social media accounts, and many more.

12. Pipl

pipl alternatives
fast people search

Pipl lets you turn a single point into a trusted identity and manage things properly. It brings fight fraud and speed investigations with one of the world’s leading providers of online identity info. It contains a unique identity resolution engine that connects the world’s personal, social and professional identity data to give an unmatched global index of more than 3 billion trusted profiles to investigators and analysts.

Pipl is a search engine designed to help peoples search for other people from all over the world. The platform comes with many applications, but it is marketed as a tool to help businesses to verify identities, detect and prevent instances of financial fraud. The platform comes with a very basic level, and now it has millions of users around the world and stored more than 3 billion profiles stored in its database. All you have to do is to enter a person’s details includes contact numbers, social usernames, and email addresses to pinpoint the actual person.

It also includes applications such as searching business users and scours for more information to complete a personal profile. With this, you can also be able to retrieve missing contact details so you can devise and execute more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Pipl is quite a simple and easy-to-use solution and no require any specific IT skills to enjoy its service.

An elegant and essential investigative tool used by the leading institutions and financial institutions, media companies, and government agencies available in the world.


  • Investigation and Research
  • Quickly locate persons of interest
  • Identity verification and fraud detection
  • Personal identity security and privacy
  • Fight fraud and peed investigations


Fast People Search is a useful tool for finding information about people. By using multiple search criteria and refining your search results, you can find accurate and relevant information. However, it’s important to be aware of the YMYL topics covered by Fast People Search and to use the information responsibly. By following these tips, you can use Fast People Search effectively and protect your own privacy.


who owns fastpeoplesearch?

The current owner of fastpeoplesearch is unknown. The site was previously owned by Intelius, Inc., but was sold to an unknown party in 2016.

What is the best fastpeoplesearch alternative ?

There are a few alternative people search engines to fastpeoplesearch, but the best one is probably pipl.com. Pipl searches across a much wider range of sources than fastpeoplesearch and generally provides more comprehensive results.

What is thatsthem.com alternative free?

There are a few alternative people search engines to thatsthem.com, but the best one is probably pipl.com. Pipl searches across a much wider range of sources than thatsthem.com and generally provides more comprehensive results. Plus, it’s free!

is fastpeoplesearch legal?

Yes, fastpeoplesearch is legal. The site uses public records to compile its information, and it complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However, some people have raised concerns about the accuracy of the site’s data.

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