The 15 best and funniest tweets of the week

Sharing is Caring.

I like tweets. You like tweets. We all like tweets.

Well, sometimes tweets can be pretty awful. But sometimes Twitter is hilarious. It has the absolute funniest and the worst people in the world, all in once place. Isn’t that something?

Anyway, to celebrate the end of the week, we once again collected the best and funniest tweets from this week. Here they are, please enjoy.

1. Real curious. Everyone is on that merchant shit until it’s actually time to do business.

2. Great, some nurse is going to get a million views dancing over my unconscious body.

3. I hate that sometimes this happens to me. But alas, I am old.

4. Scotland is beautiful.

5. This guy is doing his job perfectly.

6. An obligatory dril tweet.

7. To be honest the space photos don’t look real and we all know it.

8. Oh yeah, my little life is meaningless in the cosmic sense? Well, rent is due in the “I need somewhere to live” sense.

9. Tearing up over the fact that I am the library.

10. This girlfriend is a genius.

11. No notes. Great tweet.

12. Leave Tim alone, his health bar is at like 2 percent.

13. I miss my little websites.

14. Why is this comparison so perfect? It works so well.

15. And finally, this.

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Sharing is Caring.

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